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Hurricane no name Tracking - Tropical Storm no name Tracking

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Like the look of this image? Install Google Earth and download the Hurricane no name Google Earth Files, then you will be able to view it in 3D, zoom into every point on the track, and more. Google Earth is FREE, and it's on the download page.

If there is no tracking map, just a blue page with 'No Tracking Initiated', then the tropical cyclone was not tracked on this site due to the following reasons :

i) the cyclone never became a tropical storm or hurricane (we only track named storms here), or

ii) the storm was never considered to be a threat to land by the NHC, or

iii) no-one was here to do the tracking e.g. holidays, work commitments etc.

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Hurricane no name Maps
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Hurricane Animated Maps

This is an overview of Hurricane no name's track superimposed onto Google Earth. Each plot on the map represents a Lat/Long position of no name at particular times determined by the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Hurricane and Tropical Storm News

NOTE: Latest news is always at the top, earlier news below.

STATUS: Watching no name, Offshore to east of Florida

29th June, 2014 14:00 News

Summary of 200 pm edt...1900 utc...information For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

1. Satellite wind data and surface observations indicate that the low pressure system located about 230 miles east of St. Augustine, Florida, is gradually becoming better defined as it moves slowly southward to southwestward. Although upper-level winds are only marginally favorable, a tropical depression is expected to form during the next day or two. However, the systems proximity to dry air could inhibit significant development until environmental conditions become more conducive by late Tuesday while the low meanders offshore of the Florida east coast. The Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft that was scheduled to investigate the disturbance this afternoon has been canceled, and the flight has been rescheduled for Monday morning, if necessary. * Formation chance through 48 hours...high...60 percent. * Formation chance through 5 days...high...80 percent.

Forecaster Stewart

NOTE: This storm will only be tracked if it looks like it might pass over a major populated landmass. Dave Foster.

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Hurricane no name Maps
Download Google Earth Files
Hurricane Animated Maps

I shall continue to update the tracking maps until Hurricane no name dies.
I can be found in the central Florida hurricane center forum until the end of November.

Dave Foster